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          Why Trump’s Approval Boost is a Bump not a Spike


          Thoughtful people who have witnessed President Trump’s ignorant, incompetent, idiotic news conferences on the Coronavirus find themselves ready to slit their wrists when they see that the president’s approval rating has gone up to 49% in the latest Gallup Poll. Fear not. As Abraham Lincoln is professed to have said: You can fool all the… »

          Dick Polman’s Letter to Bernie: Shut It Down Now


          Dear Bernie, You are toast and we smell the burn. We are shutting you down. We are not “corporate” or “Wall Street” or “millionaires and billionaires.” We are just everyday Democrats – African-Americans and white suburbanites, college-educated and no college at all, liberals and moderates… »

          CA Voters: Biden’s the Centrist Who Can Beat Trump


          After the contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, Calbuzz — still committed to the United Front Against Trump (UFAT) — began to wonder if the Democrats might have to settle for the benevolent plutocrat to take out the malignant autocrat. We’ve seen some very… »

          Sanders Leads PPIC Survey; CA Dems Still Divided


          Two weeks before California’s behemouth Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead in the PPIC survey, followed by a cluster that includes Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg and… »

          Why California’s Vote Might Matter (No, Really Folks)


          Two national news headlines defined the state of play in the first weeks of the 2020 presidential campaign: “After Chaos of Iowa, Democratic Unity Threatened by Circular Firing Squad… »

          Bernie Leads IGS Poll, With Boost from Bloomberg


          Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken the lead in the California Democratic primary with a little help — $30 million in broadcast advertising — from one of the billionaires… »

          Why We Need a United Front Against Trump (UFAT)


          With the first votes about to be cast in Iowa, New Hampshire and among absentee voters in California (February 22), it’s time for Democrats to form the United Front… »

          Trump is Impeached; Don’t Let Him Off in the Senate


          For months now, Calbuzz has advocated impeaching Donald Trump in the House of Representatives and NOT sending the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate, where Mitch McConnell’s rabid… »

          Why Kamala Dropped Out and What She Can Do Now


          California Sen. Kamala Harris quit the presi- dential race Tuesday not because, as she put it, “My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to… »

          PPIC: Biden, Warren Lead in CA; Harris Way Behind


          Six in 10 voters likely to cast a ballot in the California Democratic primary on March 3 support one of the moderate candidates for president – with former Vice… »

          CA Dem Wrap: Schiff Wows, No Prez Race Shifts


          By the time the California Democratic Party weekend convention in Long Beach ended — after Not-So-Favorite Daughter Kamala Harris took the stage at “Dems, Drinks and Drag Queens”;… »

          Road Trip! Calbuzz Saddles Up for Dem Confab


          Once again, your valiant but aged Calbuzzers saddle up to ride into the psychobattle that is the California Democratic Party’s state convention this weekend – this time in Long… »

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